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The other day I was out and about doing some stuff for work and I missed my exit to turn off. I decided to just roll with it and ended up driving down areas of Dallas I had never been to before. It was actually pretty cool. It was early enough that I was able to just barely get some of the sunrise as I drove over highways and rush hour traffic began to stand still.

I did manage to snap a pic, too! Check it out :)


New Home! | Losing It With Kevin

I am soooo happy to say that I have finally moved into my new home. It’s a marvelous new structure not far from where I used to live, recently built with all new … well, everything. I am the first person to live in the building and it has a more modern design and feel to it than my previous place. This is definitely a great way to get things rolling as my birthday creeps closer and closer. I am so happy right now and look forward to what the next few months bring. Along with the nice, new place, they also offer a 24-hour, modernized, fitness center, which includes free weights, many different cardio machines, and they also offer spinning classes as well as personal trainers for all of the residents. There are 3 pools as well. Oh, and let’s not forget about the “Yoga lawn,” for community yoga, and the beer garden and private patios with outdoor tv’s you can reserve.

It’s definitely a step up from where I lived before, and I plan to make full use of everything they have to offer! HUZZAH!

What the Heart wants | Losing It With Kevin

I was at a photo shoot with some friends and a big cold front was moving in during sunset. It made for an absolutely gorgeous display of light over the horizon and the silhouette of the old grain mills only enhanced the imagery.


I see things like this and it gives me hope. A small reminder that no matter where I am at, there is still hope. I miss SW beyond belief and sometimes it is a struggle from day-to-day when I haven’t heard from her in so long. We were ok last time I checked, but with her busy life and … Separate life at that, she hasn’t been around much.

Fortunately I am busy enough where the days do go by fast, but my heart still yearns for her, and I hold onto hope to have the chance to make things how they should be again now that I am not so childish.

Only time will tell, I suppose. Man alive, though, I miss her a ton.

Some people think I am crazy, and I understand why, but I guess the heart wants what the heart wants and I am as determined as ever, for whatever reason, to reach out and make it a reality. Smiles!

Rebuilding The Dream | Losing It With Kevin

While I feel like I am somewhat repeating myself whenever I am able to get to a blog post, I feel the need to reiterate how awesome things in life are currently going! After all the hogwash from earlier in the year, everything is being lifted up, all of the mishaps are being reformed, and life is full of sunshine! I had to really sit and figure out how to keep things moving forward and I am happy to say that I am so busy now that I am almost never available.

Oddly, that actually feels good. I realized that I had a lot of down time in between my photo shoots and my sales, despite the editing (Which takes a lot less time now since I got a new computer that is bad ass…), so I decided to put in some extra effort and make some more money. I am really enjoying it right now. It’s only for a few months, but I am feeling really good and should I continue to be, I may consider looking for other opportunities after the next few months are done. We shall see.

So far, though, I am working in politics as my SIDE Job, while my main source of income is still my business, which, I can also happily say, is busier than it has been in September for years. October is starting to fill up, too, so I am happy to see the opportunities open up before me. I can’t say how thankful I am and looking forward to the coming year ahead!

Also – my birthday is soon and I think I am going to actually throw myself a party for my awesome 33’s! I feel old, but not really. Actually, I feel like an adult, which is definitely something, lol. I am just working hard to keep my mojo going and singing along with the melody of life! HUZZAH!

August Has Been Amazing | Losing It With Kevin

I was just thinking yesterday how lucky I am and thankful I am for the month I have just had. Who knew August 2014 would be so amazing? I have seriously driven all over the country and seen pretty much every type of eco-system imaginable. Well, most of them.

On my way up to Ohio from Texas I drove through some “wetlands,” though only for a very short period, it was still pretty neat. I went up through Arkansas and saw gorgeous nature all around me, whether just forests, or rivers or creeks. I went straight through Memphis and Nashville along the “Music Highway,” and got to see solar fields, along with all the mountain landscape that the state is somewhat famous for. I even crossed the mighty Mississippi River. Atop all of that, once I reached Ohio, I got to enjoy the rolling hills and the many lakes and farms in the area.

From Ohio, I was fortunate enough to travel up to Michigan and spend some time in the rolling green hills and sugar sand beaches on the shore of Lake Michigan. Absolutely stunning, as always. After all of the work was done, I headed back down to Ohio for another week of work and play. I was able to get out and spend a lot of time on the numerous trails that the Dayton area has to offer. In total, I inline skated almost 100 miles. It was awesome.

I drove back down to Dallas and was there for a few days before heading off to New Mexico. New Mexico offers

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Thoughts, The Universe, Life | Losing It With Kevin

I had a random thought, which I often do, but for some reason, it reflects many thoughts I find myself having. Nothing like a little tongue twister in the afternoon, right? Be warned, this post is more of a rambling than a well thought out process, and it may or may not even make any sense. lol My ideology may be considered strange in some ways because I find the concept of money frustrating. After all, they say money can’t buy happiness, right?

My simple thoughts on it are pretty much this: In the grand scale of the universe, money means nothing, is nothing and effects nothing. Yet, here on Earth, it would seem that is the majority of what we focus on.

Why? That’s what I find so frustrating. I understand why we use money, but what is the point? Would it not be easier to share and enjoy life with the people around us? Perhaps, it is telling of human nature, or maybe even the universe itself.

I look at life as a place to do good, to make people smile and be happy. Ultimately, I believe happiness is what we all deserve and all strive for in life, and frankly, nothing else really matters. To some, having money does create a sense of happiness, the ability to do the many things they want to do in life. For that reason, I understand the drive and desire to make as much money as possible. But, if we all strived to be happy and to love one another and to live life to the fullest, I believe you would still be able to achieve all of the same things as being filthy rich. Or, maybe even more important, not even care if you do or do not have your own personal jet. To each their own, I guess.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe in working hard and working toward the better of my society. It gives a sense of purpose and something to put my energy, time and thought into, whether it is for my own creativity, or for a company that respects my time (by paying me well, treating me well and supporting the work they want me to do for them), or for the betterment of human civilization.

My issue comes from the idea that I have to focus my entire life on the purpose of working and making money. I just want to live, and live well, and be happy. Is that really so absurd? Why must one slave away their entire lives to make a living wage just to recycle that money back into the system to go back out to supply money for someone else who may or may not spend it. I mean, most people, I think, at least in America, are not even making enough to save, let alone go splurge spend on the things they really want. Maybe that’s part of the major problem here. The wages are so awful that so many people have to work 2,3,4 or more jobs just to get by. How does that make sense? They have become slaves to their jobs. The majority of our civilization has become a slave to their job.

On top of that, let us take a look at companies such as Wal-mart, whom are some of the richest companies in the world, living off the backs of taxpayers. Why does this infuriate me so much? Because it is a complete abuse of the system. Our civilization puts so much emphasis on money that people MUST work to get paid to live, to eat, to have a home, and here we have a company, and others like Wal-mart, that pay such a low wage that our government has to supply their employees food stamps, while the people at the top are making so much they can afford private jets. This should infuriate all reasonable people.

The system is greatly flawed. Disastrously flawed. So we mention raising the wage in an attempt to close that wage gap, and some people get angry. The insanity of making it so people don’t have to work 5 jobs to get by seems to send people into a tizzy. My question to them is, Do YOU really want to work that much? So much that you literally have no time to do anything but work? It is a reality for many people, if not the “you” specifically. How do we grow so far apart from our brothers and sisters of humanity, that we believe they need to work harder, do more, to get by.

Why do so many people shun our fellow humans and treat them like they are less than humans? I suppose a lot more than money can be thought of as a problem for these causes, but it seems that money is linked to many of them. It’s really quite sad. Or maybe it is not money at all that is the problem.

As beings of the universe, and the universe being quite chaotic, and amazing, maybe we are literally just a reflection. Both calm and collected and chaotic and uncontrolled, I suppose that if we really view everything about human civilization, past and present, we could draw the conclusion that we are just a part of the process.

Does that mean it is in our nature? That it has to be that way? Or is all of this by choice? As a species that is meant to be incredibly intelligent, does it not make sense to strive for another process, one that raises all of humanity to a better level of existence? Does that not make more sense for everyone?

It does to me, but I am certainly not all that important. After all, I am just a spec of space dust in the end. But, I like to think we could do things a different way and become better for it. Who knows, maybe people will agree one day.

Until then, I guess I better keep working my ass off to make a fortune so that I can affect the world the way I want to!

Sadly, that does mean I need to be well-off. I know realistically that will always be the case, so I work pretty hard to get by while I figure out ways to be happy and continue to increase my income. It is frustrating, but also rewarding to run my own business and be my own boss and put my own materials out there. I have been pretty fortunate in life and have been able to find my own happiness while being able to be myself. So, I am thankful for that, though the struggle we all face from day-to-day is still a nuisance. ;)

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