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Guardians of the Galaxy Special Viewing Review!| Losing It With Kevin

Marvel - Guardians of the GalaxyI was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to view Guardians of the Galaxy at an early showing several weeks before its release tonight. I am going to try pretty hard not to have any spoilers for the film, but I am happy to say that if you like the trailers at all, you are going to love the movie.

From the back-to-back action sequences, to a book full of hilarious one-liners, this movie flies through the galaxy with a punch (almost literally)! Yeah, I know, that sounds cheesy, but it seriously keeps you laughing and entertained the whole time. The character development is surprisingly strong for everyone too. I think the biggest surprise for me was how awesome Rocket the Raccoon actually is. I expected some small time humor from his role, but in my opinion, he steals the show. He is heartfelt and angry, and vicious and hilarious. Of course, Groot also exceeded my expectations as well.

Beyond the characters personal stories, you catch some of the larger story arch too. There were quite a few questions I had going into the movie, all of which were answered throughout the film. Such as, who the hell are the characters? Where did they come from? Why are they called “The Guardians of the Galaxy”? There are some other pretty interesting tidbits in the movie that show you an obviously more in-depth storyline that would be spoilers, so I am refraining from discussing them for now.

All-in-all, Guardians of the Galaxy is without a doubt, one of the most fun and entertaining movies I have seen in a long time. I dare say, it may even be better than Captain America 2, and I don’t say that lightly. The only downfall I can see for anyone is if you don’t enjoy the kind of humor the movie uses. I would add, though, that if you liked the Avengers, then you should most definitely love this film. If you hated The Avengers, you may still enjoy this film.  It’s that good.


Apple Served

Over the last week I had a major computer freak out. I woke up and went to get onto my computer, a Mac Mini, and the monitor wouldn’t work. It showed the loading screen, but it sat there loading forever, so I called my brother, a bit of a Mac expert, to ask what he thought it might be.

First thing he had me check was my Ram, which I did and had no change of results, so u thought maybe all of my Ram could be bad. I went to buy some new Ram and came back home and tested it… With no new results. I also bought a new monitor connector for the DVI spot, since I was using kind of a crappy HDMI adapter, but still it had no changes.

While flipping out because I have quite a bit of work to do and I am unable to really do it properly, my friend mentioned, why don’t you take if to the Apple store? Admittedly, I forgot that was an option since I had never had that option before. I was like, good idea! My brother suggested I get the Apple store App, which i did. That made things really easy.

I had to schedule my appointment several days out because they are apparently very busy at the Genius Bar! But I was able to do it right through the App, easy peasy.

After I scheduled that my brother suggested I try to make a boost USB drive because he suspected it might be a fault of the OS, but after several attempts for some reason the USB drive wouldn’t work properly. So, I had to continue to wait until I could get into the Apple Store.

It had been a few days, but I finally got into the Apple Store and to my surprise, it was a pleasant experience. They checked me in, asked me to sit until the next person could help me, so I did. I sat there for a short while and then got some assistance. Daniel helped me out and explained everything he was doing, particularly that it wasn’t a hardware issue!

Thankfully it ended up not being hardware, so he did a re-install of the OS and turned it on and it was working!

So… I took it home, plugged it in, turned it on and it sat there frozen on the screen again. Yeah…

So I got pissed off, asked a friend f I could borrow one of their spare monitors, switched it out, plugged it in, restarted the computer and … After all of that, it worked and turned out to be the monitor after all. GO figure!

Happy Independence Day! | Losing It With Kevin

By now, most of the celebrations for July 4th are over, so I hope you enjoyed them! I had a really fun time today hanging out with some friends, celebrating the holiday with outrageous hats and sunglasses walking through the Plano July 4th parade carrying a Wendy Davis for governor sign for the Democratic party. I used to be in parades every year with my speed skating team, so this was a different take on my perspective than usual. It had also been a pretty long time since I was in a parade. Oddly, the heat didn’t bother me.

After the parade a few of us went and had some ice cream. I got some “Boom Berry,” which is essentially blueberry ice cream. It was pretty tasty! After I got home I decided to hit up the gym since I was already sweaty. I did a slightly shorter workout since I had basically eaten nothing all day up until that point, other than half of a coffee and the ice cream, anyway. Between the gym and the parade, I burned about 900 calories, so I’d say that isn’t too bad. My workouts usually vary between 600-1200 calories depending on how long i am there. I think my lack of food really made the workout a little more difficult, as you may be able to imagine.

Alas, I finished off the day sitting outside with my best friend and my God son and God daughter while they saw their very first fireworks display! We kicked back and had some brats and hot dogs from the grill, just like I used to do growing up. It was definitely a pretty great day. :)



Disgrace: America’s Descent with the “Hobby Lobby” Ruling | Losing It With Kevin

Today marks a day when corporations win again. As the Supreme Court rules that Hobby Lobby owners are allowed to push their own religious beliefs onto their employees in regards to contraceptive options for women, I am stunned.

hobby lobby

Their decision is another example of how far corporations have come as their legal rights continue to outweigh those of the majority. This is particularly troubling because the ruling, without question, discriminates against women. No surprise here, but men can still freely get a vasectomy, or even get Viagra and be covered by their insurance provider.

Some may see this as a victory for the constitutional right of religion, but the truth is, it is quite the opposite. For example, many of my friends whether Christian, Muslim, or even Atheist, do not share the belief that contraception is inherently wrong. Expanding beyond my own small data sample, the Public Religion Research Institute supports my own theory. According to their research, a large majority of  religious Americans believe that publicly-held AND privately-owned corporations should cover contraceptives at no additional cost.

This expresses my frustration of who has the right to push their religious views onto others? It was my understanding that freedom of religion means we get to make our own choices, yet today’s ruling clearly states otherwise.

Now, I do understand that the Supreme Courts is supposed to uphold the constitution, but at the cost of whose rights? The ruling is more about oppressing the rights of individuals and expanding the religious doctrine of those who head corporations, and ultimately, could become the manifesto for any other form of discrimination, as long as it is “deeply rooted in personal, religious belief.” This bring up the question of, “where does the call of religious freedom end?

To use a bit of a cliche, one often related to Citizens United, Continue reading

Ann Coulter Said What? | Losing It With Kevin

Recently Ann Coulter was quoted as saying something like, “No American whose great-grandfather was born here is watching soccer” (Source: Salon.com) which is, obviously, ludicrous. I was pretty blown away by her comments, to be honest. Although, I suppose, now a days, I shouldn’t be surprised by some of the things that come from the GOP, Republican Party, Tea Party, or whatever they may be considered now. There is a whole lot of insanity coming from that side of the political aisle, and it seems to only be getting worse.

Her comments are pretty offensive, though, as someone who is enjoying watching the 2014 World Cup. Particularly since my family has been in the United States long before my great-grandfather. Hell, some of my friends heritage goes back to before there even was a “United States” and they love soccer. It just goes to show the ignorance that spews forth from the mouths of some of the “conservative” folks.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Continue reading

The Little Lady | Losing It With Kevin

Today marks the day of my newest God daughter’s birth! She is absolutely adorable and precious! I remember the days hearing babies cry would drive me up a wall, but now, ever since my first God daughter, “Princess Ivy,” I find it somewhat adorable. I know, I know, the strange changes one under goes when you have a baby in your life compared to when you didn’t. Or maybe it is just that I am starting to get older. Who knows. Either way, I am glad that she is here with us and in perfectly good health, too! She is 3 weeks early, but was still in perfect health. We are truly blessed! :)


Baby Brooklyn

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