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Support The Democratic Nominee | Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton

To my friends who support Bernie Sanders and to my friends who support Hillary Clinton, let’s have chat, shall we? There has been a lot of talk lately on whether or not to vote for the other candidate, should your preferred candidate not win the nomination. To me, this notion is ridiculous. While I know that may seem harsh, let me explain.

First, let me clarify, I am one of those Bernie supporters that hopes he wins and I support him with whatever way I can, whether financially or with my time by volunteering. (I will do the same for Hillary, though, if she becomes the nominee.) However, I recognize that there is more to be done than just being president. So, my first point about why a Bernie supporter should absolutely support Hillary Clinton IF she happens to win the nomination is simple.

I am not going to sit here and say you are bad democrats, cause frankly, I doubt you care, and in fact, are likely more of a left leaning independent, or simply someone who is just fed-up with the status quo and looking for someone who recognizes the hardships of American life and the way the country has been skewed to primarily benefit the rich. For those folks, the ones who are not hard core democratic voters, but independents who are feverishly supporting Bernie Sanders, I ask that you hear me out.

1.) If Hillary is the nominee, Bernie Sanders will remain in the U.S. Senate, where he can still work on passing legislation that supports the ideas that he talks about in his presidential campaign. Along with him and Elizabeth Warren, and a few other progressive democrats, Hillary would remain our best chance to get that legislation through without being vetoed. Any republican presidential candidate in charge would mean that there would be NO CHANCE of anything we hope to see even remotely happening.

2.) Bernie Sanders knows what is at risk, and that is why he chose to run as a democratic candidate, instead of his usual independent self. He has been forward about this all along, and has openly said that the risk of a republican victory is too high, and that is why he will not and is not willing to split the progressive ticket. So, when you say you won’t vote for Hillary because you support him and are a true believer in what he is saying, then you are disrespecting his decision to NOT split the ticket. He is leading by example, and we should all follow that example, because, well, it’s a great one to follow, and one of the reasons I think, at least, many of us support him.

3.) While you may not like Hillary, and that’s all fine and dandy, but in the end, whoever is president will likely be replacing 2-4 Justices on the Supreme Court, and frankly, Hillary will have FAR superior choices than republicans will. This is a huge deal and something worth considering. These justices are the ones who allowed Hobby Lobby to not cover birth control under their insurance plans, and passed Citizens United, the very core of what Bernie is fighting against. Hillary, too, believes Citizens United was a disastrous decision, and the likelihood that she will bring in Justices that fight for the people is SIGNIFICANTLY higher than a republican president. Also, see number 1.

With that said, should Bernie Sanders be the nominee, it is also Continue reading

Bernie Sanders for President of the United States in 2016 | #Elections | #Politics | #FeelTheBern

It’s hard to believe I have not written a blog post since July, when Bernie Sanders came to Dallas. I wanted to take a few minutes, though, and explain why I support him for the 2016 presidential election. To me, at least, Bernie Sanders has about as perfect of a track record as a political candidate could have. Is he perfect? Absolutely not, but I have certainly never seen a candidate with a 32 year track record with so few wobbles and hobbles around political issues.

He’s been a straight talker for pretty much his entire 32 year political career. That’s pretty impressive. Additionally, he was right on some of the most historic votes, whether for or against them, in my lifetime. The best example, of course, was the Iraq war, where he voted against it. He also voted against the removal of Glass Steagall, giving a great speech on the likely outcome of that terrible vote, and sadly, ended up being correct (the result being the great recession that president Obama has had to correct). That shows that he has foresight. A deep understanding of what may occur in the future by changing certain laws. That’s extremely important in a presidential candidate.

Bernie Sanders talks about one of the biggest problems facing our nation today. Corporate power in politics and the corruption it brings. As he’s said numerous times, in his view, it is Wall Street that controls Congress, not the other way around. No other candidate, other than, dare I say it, Donald Trump, has the courage to say that. Bernie speaks to me with reason and logic, unlike Trump, who anything beyond that one statement falls into racist, disgusting insults to keep attention.

He also walks the walk when it comes to denying the corporate donors from sending money to him. As long as he can, anyway. He’s managed to stay above the fray and that in itself is extremely impressive.

Bernie speaks with respect and poise, and offers others the opportunity to express themselves. Even when it came to Black Lives Matters, he allowed them to speak. While sometimes people mentioned that it showed he was weak, I definitely disagree. He recognizes there is a problem and was and is willing to work on fixing it. If nothing else, everyone should show him respect for that.

Bernie is trying to move America forward. He is attempting to catch us up to Continue reading

Bernie Sanders Comes to Dallas, Texas

Bernie Sanders, Dallas, Texas, July 19, 2015

It was a pleasure to have  a chance to see Senator Bernie Sanders speak in person. With a massive crowd of what is estimated to be over 7,000 people, the energy was high and the crowd was ready to support the upcoming power house of a presidential nominee. Though many have yet to hear much from Senator Sanders, I have been following him for a number of years.

I began to pay attention to him in 2008-2009, when I noticed that he was right on so many issues and spoke outward about the problems he saw in the world, most of which, if not all, I also saw and agreed with. While at the event, I decided to record his speeches and thought I would share some of them here. Unfortunately, I only got a few clips, so I did not get every part of what he said over the entire afternoon. Regardless, I hope you’ll take a listen and see why I am glad he decided to visit North Texas and make a stand for middle class, working families, the youth and real family values.

Check out the video clips below:

Climate Change | Part 2 – The Secret Methane

This is the second article regarding climate change in a series of articles. You can find the first one here, if you have not read it yet.


Is climate change the greatest threat humanity is facing today? Some would argue the fact, but analyzing the data from a global perspective leaves little room left to argue. Despite certain legislators holding a snowball on the senate floor as proof that global warming isn’t real, there is far more evidence that global climatic disruptions are happening all over the world. The only issue with the science is that it has not yet successfully included all of the variables that may add up to a world warming significantly faster than expected.

Much faster.

For example, the ice sheets are melting faster than the worse case scenario models had predicted. Significantly faster, and it’s only getting exponentially worse. This may not seem like a big deal, but this will result in less time to prepare for sea level rise, which will likely displace millions, if not hundreds of millions of people across the world.

Additionally, the rapidly melting ice in areas of the world such as the Siberian sea, have been releasing a noticeable amount of methane, which is about 20 times more powerful of a green house gas than Co2 over the course of a 100 year cycle. This was discovered when plumes of methane started to break through the sea ice of the East Siberian Arctic shelf from the seabed floor. In 2011, a study was done that discovered over 100 of these plumes, significantly larger and more frequent than anytime in known history, some of which measured up to 1,000 meters in diameter. To put that into perspective, that is approximately the size of 10 football fields in diameter.

More recently, massive craters have been appearing in Siberia. Speculation jumped to alien invasions, but reports have concluded that they are likely from methane exploding out of the ground as the permafrost melts at accelerating rates. The chasms are massive, too. We’re talking about deep, dark, gigantic holes that are imploding due to the pressure of the gas pushing against the ice to the point where it eventually breaks through. Previously, the weight of the ice was enough to hold it down, but as the frost thins and weakens, it’s no longer able to keep the gases down. You can read a little more about the Russia Scientists statements in regards to the craters being related to climate change, too.

We are even starting to see Methane Leaks in the strangest of places, such a ponds in Canada. You can see a video of a Methane look being released through a Pond on a golf course where it looks like a geyser. It’s pretty intense, but interesting too.

Perhaps most alarming about the Methane problem, however, is the drastic increase of the gas in the atmosphere from warming arctic environments across the globe. We are starting to see a similar effect as the heat and CO2 “Hockey stick” effect that is well known for the correlation to rising temperatures and CO2.

This is extremely concerning when you consider how much more powerful of a GHG Methane is. According to a recent study, 1.3 billion tons of methane will be released from land-based permafrost alone. That’s nearly double what we currently have in the atmosphere! Along those lines, just measuring the methane in the east Siberian Arctic there is an estimated 500 billion tons of methane that is becoming closer and closer to being released. This is not including other areas of the world that are melting slower which store masses of methane as well. You can find out much more about these studies here, on Robert’s Scribbler.

It is encouraging to start seeing some of the world make a stance on the issue of climate change and begin to face it. The question at this point is with all of the C02 still being emitted and the addition of all of this methane, will it be enough, or have we already fallen passed the tipping point?

I have my opinions of the matter, but it’s best for you to make your own.

Climate Change | Part 1 – Clarifying the Issue

Climate Change

Climate change, Global Warming, complicated and often confusing subjects, are the premise for many unwarranted debates. One common misunderstanding that should be clarified is that weather is not climate. Weather is chaotic and changes from day by day, minute by minute. Climate is a longer look. No less than 30 years should be used to view any types of trends in a climate conversation.

Climate allows for a broader picture, whereas weather is more like a single point on a mosaic, making it hard to see the whole picture up close, but when you step back and view it as a whole, the picture becomes clear, all the points lining up to form a single image.

The single image represents climate. In this case, it shows unnatural increases of green house gases since the industrial revolution and rising temperatures.

There are, of course, natural cycles that the world has gone through over long periods of time, some up and some down, even since humans have been alive. There is no debate over naturally occurring climate change. Many natural events occur and have occurred for millennium, most recently a volcanic eruption near Iceland.

The difference is that as far back as scientists can trace, some 800,000 years through ice-cores from the arctic, CO2 has never been so high in the atmosphere. Through the same type of analysis that is used on the rings of a tree, scientists can determine that as CO2 increases, temperatures do as well.

CO2 is not the single determining factor, but as climate change is a complex issue, it is the easiest to understand and follow. CO2 is also one of the major factors human activity has significantly increased in our atmosphere.

The concern is not that of the natural cycle of climate change, but the effects of human activity to alter the natural cycle, in this case, creating a global warming effect by increasing the amount of heat trapping gases in the atmosphere known as green house gases (GHG).

To my knowledge there is no debate on whether or not CO2 and other GHG’s trap heat, therefore, it is illogical to think that somehow releasing mass amounts of these GHG’s into the atmosphere over a hundred years would not increase the warming effect, resulting in a warming planet.

There is talk that the warming effect is because of the sun, but unfortunately, as NASA recently proved, it is absolutely not a result of solar activity. The stratosphere, which is closer to space than the atmosphere, is actually cooling, whereas the atmosphere is warming. If solar activity were part of the problem then you would see both “spheres” warming.

If the measurements of the temperatures across the planet rising is not enough to convince, perhaps the physical changes are. The rapidly melting glaciers in our coldest regions of the earth are what some would call an alarm of a warming planet.

As temperatures rise, the glaciers melt and as the glaciers melt, they begin to melt faster because there is less ice to reflect sunlight, which results in surrounding areas to absorb more heat, enhancing the warming effect. It’s a chain reaction type of effect and if unchecked could quickly become a problem that we, as humans, can no longer control.

Significant melting glaciers in Iceland and the Arctic result in multiple global problems. One of the major problems is often talked about and that is of rising sea levels. If the glaciers continue to melt many parts of the world will slowly begin to be submerged.

One of the most well known places where sea level rise is already of enormous concern is a set of islands called the Maldives. Sea rise has the potential to displace hundreds of millions of people across the world if both the arctic and Iceland glaciers continue to rapidly melt. This includes States in the United States and major cities, such as New York City.

Another major factor that is only recently starting to be discussed more openly is the release of methane that is trapped beneath the ice shelves that are melting. Methane is another GHG, which is 25-30 perfect more powerful than CO2.

Normally when methane is released from the ocean it is so far down that it can turn into CO2 before reaching the surface, but as the ice sheets melt, the methane is not as far down and begins to be released directly into the atmosphere. This could drastically accelerate the global warming effect.

So why is CO2 what is mentioned generally? The unnatural increase due to human activity of CO2 (yes and other GHG’s, but CO2 is the highest as of now) into the atmosphere is what is causing the sudden and rapid melting of the glaciers. If CO2 released is stopped we can stop the worst cases of human altered climate change from happening.

This means, Continue reading

Politics and Life

Voting MattersThe other day I was with some friends and they were joking around about politics and one of them asked, Who cares about politics? I responded nonchalantly, people who care about life? Another friend said in return, “that’s the stupidest thing you have ever said,” while the one who asked the original question stated, “That’s not true because I care about life, but not politics.”

Unfortunately, I was cut off before I could explain my opinion further. But, I realize, maybe people really do think that politics = life = stupid, so I wanted to explain myself a little further for the world to see. Hopefully to understand how it connects to them too. One can hope, right?

Okay, so this seems pretty logical to me, but politics puts in play who makes the laws, and those that make the laws are supposed to represent the people. We all know that isn’t always the case, which is all the more reason to be involved!!!! Often, if one takes a little harder look, which I wish more people would do, you can find how money influences policy more than the rights of people in far too many cases.

Now, with that in mind, let’s take a real look at how pretty much everything you use, do, or live by is directly impacted by our political leaders.

Do you want to know if your food has GMO’s in it? Well, too bad, our political leaders say that isn’t acceptable and have decided for you that you don’t need to know. (Some places have put in local laws to say otherwise, thankfully, though.)

Do you want lead in your paint? Continue reading

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